The BioEnergyBox - Efficient, compact energy solutions

BioEnergyBox – the BioEnergy Solution

The BioEnergyBox of e4f allows first time in the regional and urban planning integration of energy supply for several buildings with green electricity, bio-heat and bio-cooling in existing settlement structures.

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Description - Overview

  • compact construction solutions for heating (power) plants by combining different types of renewable energy

  • Using biochar to the base energy production ensures the highest possible energy yield in the smallest space

  • consistently efficient concepts for green electricity, and bio-cooling and bio-heating.

  • integrable and vacant lots - in existing buildings - even old towns

  • urban integration allows wider usage possibilities, a greatly increased number of potential buyers and thus efficiency and efficiency gains

  • stable, durable and elementary design systems that meet the requirements of the art

  • architectural responses that take the demands of Nachhaltiogkeit and beyond structural aesthetic statement.

BioEnergyBox / inner-city


  • urban bioenergy supply

  • Merging different existing power generations (eg solar thermal, photovoltaics, geothermal ...)

  • Supply through its own power grid of the municipality

  • expandable energy production and distribution

  • architecturally sophisticated solutions for integration into existing buildings

BioEnergyBox / industrial combination


  • Merging different existing energy generations

  • effective, sustainable use of industrial waste heat

  • Achieving maximum energy efficiency for optimal use by commercial and industrial

BioEnergieBox / stand-alone


  • Hotel in the mountains spa, pools and large stockpile, only three months a year Deliveries

  • In a small space as much energy

  • Security of supply must be ensured -> being completely self-sufficient supply in the snowed-time