Biochar optimizes by lower overall emissions, optimum utilization boiler, avoid water vapor plume and smaller footprint in the use of coal operation process from an economic and from an environmental standpoint.

Carbona Terra Product Line

Consisting of products Carbona Carbona Terra and Fertilizer provides the Carbon Terra product line optimizes results in fertilization in agriculture and garden.

Carbona Food for Animals supports the natural digestion of your animals.

Carbona Grill

Carbona Grill is in contrast to conventional charcoal not won by overexploitation in emerging markets, but 100% made of our naturally produced biochar.



Carbona Aktive

Carbona active is a particularly high-quality activated carbon through optimal conditions from charring and like all our products absolutely natural produced


Carbona Metal

Unlike coke, lignite or coal it is possible to achieve the same output as conventional energy sources with the use of Carbona metal and thereby also reducing CO2 emissions. An optimal boiler utilization through greater efficiency implies the high energy efficiency of biochar.




 Wonderful raised beds from domestic woods are delivered with Carbon Terra black soil, thus allowing to save each CO2 and to embellish even the garden in a spectacular way.