Biomass Heating

suitable product: Biochar

Compared to normal wood pellets our biochar was almost twice as high energy density The advantages are obvious:. Lower transport and storage costs, lower emissions and thereby a better CO2 balance uvw.



suitable products: Carbona Terra Product Line , Carbona Grill, Timberra

Both Carbona Terra and Carbona fertilizer are already in demand by the end user, since they meet perfectly both claims in times of greening and, unfortunately, crises.
Also Carbona food is because it brings tangible improvements in digestion, health and activity in dogs, cats, rabbits and mice, are subject in the future a significant increase in demand.
With Carbon Grill we distribute 100% ecologically produced charcoal to prevailing market price and thus provide a real alternative for environmentally conscious customers who do not want to spend anyway.


Heating Plants

suitable product: Biochar

Since the expanded EU emissions trading in 2013 can expect a dramatic increase in the price of CO2 certificates, we offer our biochar superior in every way alternative.
While the price of coal continues to rise and is dependent on natural disasters and other global events, creates the diversity of agro-biomass and the use of date of unused raw materials in production (eg green waste, biowaste, energy plant, crops, sewage sludge, manure, manure, seaweed, paper sludge, etc.) independence in relation to suppliers market power and allows us to equalize any volatility.


suitable products: Carbona Terra Product Line , Carbona Aktive

We see ourselves as service of agriculture. We refer unused raw materials and refine them into useful products, creating independence and good for nature.
Carbona Terra brings 50% more yield with 50% less water and fertilizer use and improving the quality of your products. Carbona feed LSU comes your livestock to Good, stabilized by malolactic fermented wheat bran microbial environment in the digestive tract and binds with biologically activated biochar toxins very efficiently ,
We also provide with Carbona Aktive affordable activated carbon, which reduces the odor and hygiene problem in stables.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

suitable product: Carbona Active

With Carbona active, a particularly receptive activated carbon, we have a solution to the odor problem in wastewater treatment plants. And best of all, by us is the use of activated carbon finally affordable.


Steel Industry

suitable product: Carbona Metall

Unlike coke, lignite or coal, it is possible, with a lower use of carbon metal to achieve the same output as with conventional energy sources, while also reducing CO 2 emissions. An optimal boiler utilization through greater efficiency implies the high energy efficiency of biochar.