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With our biochar begins the future for biomass (power) plants. The energy density of charcoal is close to the oil energy density, thus making it the perfect product substitution for conventional coal and lignite. Also with respect to the EU emission trading helps the biochar thanks to their environmentally friendly production and reduced CO2 emissions to reduce costs.

Furthermore, biochar is used as raw material for our innovative and environmentally friendly "Carbona" product line, consisting of Carbona Energy, Carbona Terra, Carbona Aktive, Carbona Metall and Timberra.

Benefits of biochar:

  • clean and continuous combustion - lower total emissions
  • optimal boiler utilization through higher efficiencies (1 l heating oil = 9.5 to 10 kWh / 1 kg biochar = 8.0 to 8.7 kWh)
  • Avoid water vapor plume
  • Use in wood gasification plants for the production of green electricity
  • lower space requirement for the commodity biochar against chips
  • lower investment costs for the construction of a biomass (power) plant
  • significantly lower operating costs (transport, storage, equipment, personnel, etc.)
How we work: What we do: Who we are:
We are proud of our technological lead of several years: our partners Represent the production used for the construction and operation of the necessary facilities.This allows us to produce biochar in an industrial scale previously not seen before. e4f manufactures, supplies and markets independent and from the point of economic and environmental sustainability, energetic quality biochar,. Our portfolio includes site development and production, research, product development, sales and logistics, project development, logistics, sales and marketing.

e4f consists in part of the company e4f holding gmbh, e4f service & technolgy GmbH responsible for technology development, investment and management coaching, on the other hand the company e4f investment & operational GmbH, responsible for object properties, object-inventory (internal & external), Operating and Investment Holdings.